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Return of P4-P7 (R4-R7) pupils

We are delighted that P4-P7 (R4-R7) pupils join P1 to P3 (R1-R3) will return to full-time face-to-face teaching from Monday 22nd March. Staff are looking forward to returning to more normal interactions with their classes, however, we are all mindful of the need for vigilance so that we can finally end this lockdown.



Drop-off and Collection arrangements

  • Pupils should not be on the school grounds before 9.00am;
  • If children are travelling by bus, it is recommended that they wear a face mask and sit with family members.
  • If you are taking children by car; to ease congestion, we ask parents to park in the chapel carpark. Please enter the carpark from Rocktown Rd and leave via Creggan Rd from 9.00am and collect the children from the playground from 3.00pm to 3.15pm;
  • On arrival, children walk directly to their classrooms via the Emergency doors;
  • Children wash their hands upon arrival in the classroom;
  • Parents escorting children to classes are asked to follow Social Distancing guidelines and wear masks.
  • Children using Camowen Partnership will be collected by their staff in front playground.
  • Bus children will be escorted to the buses by staff.


School Meals

School meals will be available, provided that they have been booked online and paid in advance. If a child’s meal isn’t paid in advance, parents are asked to provide a packed lunch. If you have forgotten to book dinner for a day, please ring the office, notify Fiona and send the money with your child on the day dinner is being taken No arrears on dinners is permitted by the EA.

  • If you have arrears and have been notified about them, these arrears must be paid in full before any further dinners can be booked. In this instance parent should provide their child/ren with a packed lunch.
  • DE advise that All Free School Meals pupils in P/R4- P/R7 MUST bring a Packed Lunch as payment has already been made directly to parent.



Children should not attend school if they display any symptoms of the virus, including a high temperature, a continuous cough and or a loss of taste or smell. If a child is ill in school, he/she will be taken to an isolation zone and parents will be asked to collect them. They must have a Covid test and if negative, stay off school for two days after the symptoms have subsided. If positive, parents must inform the school immediately and we will take the necessary actions. (See details overleaf) 


Regarding ‘tummy bugs’, where a pupil displays gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhoea, they should not attend school until after their symptoms have resolved for at least two days (this means they should not have been sick or had diarrhoea for at least two days before they return.


Updated information is on the school website/ Key information /covid-19.