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St Colmcille’s PS / Bunscoil Cholmcille / Naíscoil & Nursery:

Admissions arrangements September 2022


Parents who would like to apply for places in the Nursery, Naíscoil or primary school must make the application online on the Education Authority’s (EA) website: from Mon 10th - Fri 28th January 2022.

School Presentation for pre-school parents


Admissions arrangements 2022

Further videos and guidance


Copies of the Nursery's and Naíscoil's and Year One's Admission Criteria are included below.


Remember, please upload your child's birth certificate to the EA Admissions' portal by Friday 4th February 2022.


Also, please send the following to the school by Friday 4th February 2022:

  • Verification documents under 'Social disadvantage' criterion, if applicable;
  • Two documents to verify address (see below);
  • Medical evidence, if applicable, regarding serious long-term ilness.


Benefit Verification

What does Socially Disadvantaged mean?

Socially disadvantaged applies to a child whose parent is in receipt of any of the following benefits -

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • An award of Income Support which has been converted into an Employment and Support Allowance and the level of benefit remains the same
  • Universal Credit.

Legislation requires Pre-School providers to give priority to children in their final pre-school year who are from socially disadvantaged circumstances.


If you are claiming priority because of socially disadvantaged circumstances you MUST take the Benefit Verification Form below to your local Social Security/Jobs and Benefits Office where the information in Section B will be completed.

  • Complete one Benefit Verification form for each child.
  • If you do not have access to a printer the form will also be available on request from:-
    • your local social security/jobs and benefits office; or
    • a pre-school provider; or
    • the Education Authority – email
  • When your form is completed and certified, you must then take or send it to the school to be received on or before 12 noon on Friday 4th February 2022.

Duty to Verify: Confirmation of address

We ask that you complete and return the following documents by Friday 4th February 2022

to verify your address.


Please forward any two of the following original documents in your name (dated within the past three months)

to verify the address at which the child is resident:

  • Bank or building society statement;
  • Utility bill (for instance electricity, gas, Television License, telephone);
  • Letter awarding Child Benefit to the child or another letter relating to this benefit;
  • Electoral ID card;
  • Driving License;
  • Addressed pay slip;
  • Mortgage statement;
  • Rental agreement;
  • Land and Property Services rates demand.


Please cover any personal information e.g. bank balances etc.,

Upon receipt, the school will take a copy of your documents for their records and your originals will be returned. If you do not provide the requested documents by the deadline given above, then we may regrettably withdraw the place currently allocated to your child.