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Child Protection / Safeguarding

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Child Protection / Safeguarding

A This policy is very important as it communicates how we as a school endeavour to keep all our pupils safe.

The core elements of the policy are:

  • The staff with leadership roles in respect to child protection are:

    Designated Teacher : Mrs B Corey

    Deputy Designated Teacher : Miss E McElduff

    Safeguarding Governor : Mrs K Donnelly

  • All staff have a responsibility to report any concerns regarding pupil well-being to the designated teacher.

  • Staff are trained annually on the core and relevant aspects of child protection.

  • The leadership staff for child protection must complete detailed child protection training every three years.

  • Clear communication is maintained with other statutory agencies who have a clear remit in the area of child protection.

  • Copies of the relevant policies can be found in the "Policies" folder on this website.


    Any queries in respect to child protection should be directed to Mrs Corey in the first instance.