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The Naíscoil is situated on the St Colmcille’s Primary School’s site and is regarded as complementary to the school’s existing provision. The Naíscoil contains a classroom, kitchen area and have a new outdoor play facility.  The Naíscoil provides a stimulating environment where children will develop appropriate bi-lingual skills, attitudes and concepts thus preparing them for the formal curriculum.


The Naíscoil is staffed by a Pre-school Leader and two Assistants, with the assistance of an early years’ specialist.  Emphasis is placed on fostering close relationships between staff, parents and children. 


Naíscoil Cholmcille provides pre-school education through the Medium of the Irish Language

Children’s Second Language Acquisition will be developed through ongoing play activities delivered in the Irish Language thereby giving the child a sound introduction to the language and providing him/her with a basic vocabulary, level of comprehension.


With the establishment of Bunscoil Naomh Colmcille in September 2003, it is possible for children who attend the Naíscoil to continue with Irish Medium education.


Naíscoil Cholm Cille aims to:

  • Expose the child to a wider experience of the world through our broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Develop the whole child i.e. develop their personal, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and imaginative skills.
  • Help build on a child’s self-esteem, confidence. Curiosity and independence and give each child life skills.
  • Provide a fun and safe learning environment for young children in order to socialize and be more prepared for primary school.
  • Provide an important stepping-stone from home to preschool education.
  • Provide an attractive centre which has something to interest, challenge and stimulate everyone taking into account the children’s differing ages and stages of development.
  • Build up trust with children by observing, listening, talking and interacting with children at their level.
  • Help develop new skills and techniques by extending their play.
  • Provide opportunities for learning through solitary, parallel and co-operative play.
  • This will be achieved through the medium of the Irish Language, thereby giving the child a sound introduction to the language and providing him/her with a basic vocabulary, level of comprehension.
  • Welcome families from all backgrounds.
  • Naíscoil Cholmcille offers a high quality service to the children we care for as regards to nutrition.


Our aim at the Naíscoil is to provide the highest possible standard of care and education for the children.  To do this we will employ only suitably qualified staff who are encouraged to continuously improve their skills and expertise through continuous training.


Through a wide range of activities, we develop the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.  We realise each child is unique and special and because of the lower staff/child ratio at the Naíscoil we can address individual needs.


We at Naíscoil encourage and promote working relationships with parents and carers.  We acknowledge the significance of the central role of the parents in their child’s welfare and development as well as the social, environmental and cultural context in which families live.  It is very much your group and if there are things you want altered or discussed, then do bring them to our attention.