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Morning Maths Club on "You Tube"

Watch the presentation below to get an insight into the successes of our Morning Maths programme.


Numeracy Coordinator; Miss Treanor and Miss Owens provided an eight-week Maths Club from each morning for  43 children from P2 - P7 / R2-R7 who we felt would benefit from booster sessions.


The teachers were supported by 18 Maths Pals; these P6 leaders helped develop children's skills through practically-based activities.


We would like to thank parents for ensuring that the children arrived early each day for the programme which was organised before the school formally started in order to minimise disruption to their normal classroom activities.


We had a party to celebrate the children's progress. The feedback from the pupils' questionnaires and teachers has confirmed that it was a fantastic success. Children's confidence has developed as well as their skills in Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division Problem Solving and Telling time.


Well done everyone.